Two New Items in Our Mediterranean Lunch

August 30, 2016 in Health, Mediterranean, Uncategorized by Joyce Bunderson

Two new items impacted one of my famous salads today. One, for sure, I hope will become a long-term habit. This salad was lettuce, cucumber, sliced radishes and green onions, yellow and red cherry tomatoes, avocado, sliced hard-boiled egg, and the hoped for long-term habit? – topped with sliced fresh basil. This tasty salad was also served with organic roasted beet humus. I have to say, my Mediterranean-style lunch was delicious. And I don’t think I need to tell you that it scores very high in nutritional values too.

Here are some facts about my two new salad items. First, I harvested some basil about a week ago and put it into a glass of water. It’s thirsty stuff; so I’ve added some water every day. It’s stayed very fresh and nice. The problem with basil is that if you even whisper the word “cold” around basil it withers up. If you’ve ever put basil into your garden a little too early, you know it doesn’t take much cold air for it to fall to the ground – end of story – no second chance. So the point is that you can harvest basil and freeze it as basil and olive oil; or as pesto; or to use in recipes like you would dried basil. But you can’t keep it in the refrigerator, ‘cause it hates being cold.

So I put this hefty bouquet of fresh basil on the kitchen counter and kept the water level up to the top. The funny thing is that just having it on the counter top has reminded me to use it. In addition, I didn’t have to think, “Do I have time to go gather some for this meal?” I don’t always remember to use my fresh basil as much as I’d like, but having it on the counter has lead to me sprinkling it on salads; soup; stir-fries; and other dishes. Surprisingly, I’ve used the entire bouquet. The extra happy news is that my basil in the grow-box outside on the deck has already grown in the past week and is begging to be harvested again.

If you enjoy the flavor of fresh basil, not only do you get the nice flavor by adding it to whatever you’ve just put together, but also, you’re increasing the phytonutrients of the meal. It adds to the goal of increasing your leafy greens. That’s pretty nice!

The second, item that was new to my salad was purchased as a result of a sample handed out at Costco. It is a new product; certified organic roasted red beet humus. I’m pretty happy with the ingredient list; nothing other than common, nutritious, originally whole foods. I like that! I’m happy to say that this processed food, was not only very tasty, but in addition, helped my goal to eat more legumes – beans. When we have humus with our salads, it is our salad dressing; so no need for an additional item loaded with the usual salad dressing oils.

Best wishes for a tasty, nutritious summer salad.