Too Busy to Eat Right?

May 22, 2010 in Featured, General Nutrition by Webmaster

Many people within the societies of developed countries have learned about the numerous benefits in using whole grains. They want their families to be well nourished; but there are many limitations to achieving their goals of attaining optimal nourishment, including time, skills, abilities, desire, and knowledge.

One of the biggest restrictions is the limitation of time. Often, families are preparing meals in 20 minutes or less. Some people want to provide homemade nourishing products, but simply don’t have the time to shop, store, mix, and measure ingredients for homemade items.

All ages are benefited by whole grains, but some are restricted because they are too young, too elderly, or have a physical handicap limiting their ability to prepare foods from scratch. Some may only be able to prepare quick and easy mixes, or recipes that protect them from standing for long periods of time in the kitchen.

And then there are people that simple don’t enjoy cooking from scratch and their lifestyles have evolved to use processed mixes and convenience foods.

Some food manufacturers, including Doctor Grandma’s ( understand that many would benefit from mixes that are not only convenient, but also, support optimal health. The mission of Doctor Grandma’s is providing nourishing meals, and at the same time offering a measure of convenience. At all times we strive to remember that Good Health Can Be Yummy™ and it can be easy also.