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Fresh Apple Muffins

Fresh Apple Muffins

These muffins are another example in controlling the ‘mindless margin.’ Each muffin is 100% whole wheat, made with extra virgin olive oil, no added sugar, fresh apples – perfect for breakfast on the run, snack, or dessert at less than 100 calories. If you usually buy the 300-calorie white flour fatty muffins – you’ve saved […]

Frittata – Vegetables for Breakfast

Frittata – Vegetables for Breakfast

Want the flavors and nutrients of the Mediterranean with your breakfast? Try a frittata! Once you add the technique to your repertoire, you will discover that the variations are almost endless – just like the flavors. When I originally started making frittatas it was to satisfy a desire to use more of our garden vegetables; […]

FruityWhole Grain Good Morning

Fruity Whole Grain Good Morning

Making Everyday Food Special One of the things that I like about Dr. Grandma’s Muffins Your Way Mix is that it gives me the ability to make something that is not only nutritious, but looks and tastes like I spent lots of time – telling my love, ‘I care so much for you, that I […]

Glazed-Fruit Festival and ‘Shortcake’

Glazed-Fruit Festival and ‘Shortcake’

Let’s be creative together! The idea is to decrease the calories in our diets that have little or nothing to offer (sugar, high fructose corn syrup and the like). Our brains may have a powerful built-in preference for sweets, and it may have gotten worse through habits. Despite this, we can get around it by […]

Pecan Muffins

Merry Graham’s Spiced Avocado-Orange Pecan Muffins

Merry Graham won Second Place in the Dr. Grandma’s 2010 Recipe Contest with her Spiced Avocado-Orange Pecan Muffins. Merry’s recipe shows a creative way to add the moisture, monounsaturated fats and a huge load of nutrients to a snack, dessert or breakfast item. Ingredients 2 whole eggs or ½ cup egg substitute 1 cup mashed […]

Mexican Poached Eggs

Mexican Poached Eggs (Breakfast Soup)

Ideas about egg consumption seem for decades to have been swinging back and forth between viewing them as healthy low fat addition to the diet vs deploring them as an artery clogging food. It’s too bad, because the swinging has the health professionals confused also. Researchers are still trying to have a definitive answer to […]

no added raspberry-peach-cobbler-150x150

No-Added Sugar Raspberry Peach Cobbler

This recipe can be served for breakfast, snack or dessert, in good conscience – no added sugar, extra virgin olive oil and 100% whole grains. This recipe is easy and turns out to be so delicious that you can serve it to particular guests. No one will ever guess – unless you tell them when […]

Orange Spicy Pumpkin-Nut Muffins

These muffins can be made with or without the nuts, raisins, orange rind, and cloves. If you do not use the nuts you can double the raisins; and likewise, if you do not use the raisins you can double the nuts. Be creative — make it your way. In my experience, these are some of […]


Food should be enjoyable and tasty, and it’s nice when it’s convenient; but in addition, it should be nourishing to your body – something to support your health. Dr. Grandma looked at the ingredients of other pancake mixes in her blog What Brings Morning Smiles Better Than Pancakes? Quite frankly, there is no comparison with […]

Shortcake Muffins

Shortcake Muffins

Our brains may have a powerful built-in preference for sweets, and it may have gotten worse through habits. Despite this, we can get around it by using zero calorie sweetener to get the sweetening job done without adding empty calories. You can use this “shortcake” with a variety of toppings – it’s YUMMY! Ingredients: 2 […]