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Suggested Rules for Buffet Table Navigation

Buffet tables are challenging and alluring. Those attractive colors, textures, aromas, memories of past nibbling, and the countless varieties, captivate many a weight management resolve.

Legumes are central

Tips for Cooking Beans

Beans always seem to evoke little poems; if you don’t know the poems you can ask your 7-year-old child or the neighbor’s; they’ll be more than glad to tell you their poem. If you’re worried about that issue try beano, or use canned beans, which seem to cause much less flatulence. If you’re using canned […]

Tips for Cutting Back on Salt

Tips for Cutting Back on Salt

Italian researchers lead by Pasquale Strazzullo studied the relationship between the level of habitual salt intake and stroke or total cardiovascular disease outcome. What they concluded, from looking at all that data was that “high salt intake is associated with significantly increased risk of stroke and total cardiovascular disease.” This doesn’t happen very often but […]


Tips for Getting Kids to Eat Vegetables

I’ve decided throw out some ideas from a Grandma, who of course, fed kids decades ago. I believe, if you’re having struggles with learning what Food Inc. is doing to our health, and at the same time feeling the pressure of the realization that you are the nutritional gatekeeper for your family, the first and […]

Trading up

Trading Up to Healthy Foods

Do you really need to follow diet recipes for meals for three times a day, seven days per week, or can you do some things over and over with a little variation? Although I like to try new recipes, I also have a cache of stand-bys, not necessarily recipes, but ways to cook food. I’m […]

Legumes are central

Ways to Add Beans to Your Diet

Until recently beans just magically stopped appearing our family’s plate; I think that I am in the company of many Americans, especially those younger than myself. I’ve not done any anthropological research; but my guess is that, as our country became richer, beans were not served as frequently. And after the government subsidized corn and […]