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Wheat Berries and Roasted Cauliflower

Wheat Berries and Roasted Cauliflower

There are a couple of salt-saving tricks in this recipe. One is the use of the limejuice and the other is the spices in the wheat berry mixture; herbs and spices often decrease the need for too much salt. Ingredients Ingredients: 3 cups of cooked Wheat berries If you don’t have cooked wheat berries in […]

wild purslane and Wheat berries

Wild Purslane and Wheat Berries (aka Weeds and Wheat)

I taste-tested this recipe around the family a bit. The general consensus is that it might be OK, given all those nutrients and its good texture and inoffensive taste. Paired with leaves from our basil patch in this recipe, puts it back into the pack to be a starter on the first food team. Part […]


Yams on a Hawaiian Date

This should really not be called a recipe; it’s just too easy. The flavors together are really quite nice. Do notice that there is no oil, butter, salt or sugar.