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Wheat Berry Butternut Squash Pilaf

A light wheat berry pilaf with squash.

Wheat Berry Minestrone

This recipe is a crowd-pleaser. You can dress this traditional soup up in a beautiful tureen; serve it in a bread bowl; or you can wrap it in a large towel and bring it to a tailgate party in a stockpot. However, you serve it, it is a nourishing and delicious meal.

Wheat Berry Pilaf

This is certainly a colorful and tasty way to serve pilaf. You can even mix it with brown rice if you prefer a two-grain version. Add meat and salad and make it the centerpiece of your meal.

Wheat Berry Shrimp Salad

It’s really become trendy to prepare nourishing dishes for parties and guests. This recipe can be as elegant and delicious as those served in the finest restaurants. Dr. Grandpa thinks it terrific for dinner at home, guests or not.

Wheat Berry Waldorf Salad

Wheat berries in Waldorf Salad is a match made in heaven; the texture is delightful. You don’t need to mention to your family or guests that it is nourishing; just let them enjoy the texture and flavors.

Zesty Wheat Berry Salad with Almonds

  Ingredients Ingredients: 1 cup raisins ½ teaspoon turmeric ½ cup roasted slivered almonds 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil 1 cup diced yellow onion 2 teaspoons orange zest 2 cups cooked wheat berries 1 cup fresh orange juice 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon ½ teaspoon cumin 1 teaspoon salt Lemon juice to taste Chopped parsley […]