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Christmas 2009

December 2009

In the Christmas issue Dr. Grandma shares her some holiday treats; Gingerbread Cake and Apple Cake. Plus some healthy recipes: Latkas and Orange-Buttered Broccoli.

Almond Pear Cake

November 2009

In this issue Doctor Grandma talks about giving thanks and she shares some delicious recipes for Thanksgiving. Including: Tomato Basil Soup, Almond Pear Cake, Baked Apples and Wheat Berries, Curried Squash and a Turkey Soup recipe you can use your turkey leftovers on.

Strawberry Mint Jupels

October 2009

In the October issue Dr. Grandma reflects on the fall season and shares some healthy tips for Hallloween. She also shares some refreshing lemonade and strawberry – mint jupels drink mix recipes.

Raspberry Peach Cobbler

September 2009

In this issue Dr. Grandma discusses the importance of a healthy breakfast and the findings of a recent study about the link between cardiovascular health and the intake of whole grains.

August 1st Sweet Corn Day

August 2009

It’s Sweet Corn day! (on the 1st) In this issue Dr. Grandma talks about the common reasons most people skip breakfast and offers some advice. She also teaches how to make some healthy granola quick and easily.

Patriotic Star Berry Cake

July 2009

To help beat the heat of summer, Doctor Grandma talks about some cool, healthy snacks. And she also has some tips for managing your weight while at those these summer parties.

Baked Donuts

June 2009

In this issue Doctor Grandma discuses different strategies to manage overeating, and shows how to make baked donuts and whole wheat tacos.

Whole Wheat Pancakes

May 2009

Doctor Grandma shares some thoughts about different types of yogurt and discusses Erythritol sweetener and how it can help diabetics.

Wheat Berry and Bean Salad with Pecans and Asparagus

April 2009

In this issue Doctor Grandma discusses fiber and how it helps our bodies in depth. She also shares a fiber rich fish dinner.

March 2009 Holidays

March 2009

Celebrating Pecan month, In this issue Doctor Grandma shares some delicious whole wheat muffin recipes: Pecan Zucchini muffins, Rhubarb Pecan Nut bread and Strawberry Shortcake muffins. Dr. Grandma also discusses the Mediterranean diet and shares some green suggestions for St. Patrick’s day.

National Pancake Month

February 2009

For national pancake month Doctor Grandma shares a a recipe for Banana Pecan pancakes and Quercetin, a flavonol that has been getting a lot of attention lately.