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The Foodland Chronicles is a weekly blog focused on topics related to good health and yummy foods. Doctor Grandma and her team are strong proponents of the Mediterranean Style of Eating - advocating a shift from animal-based foods to plant-based foods and a shift from processed foods to whole, real foods.

The evidence is strong that the overly processed, nutritionally impoverished foods are contributing to health problems including obesity, heart disease and cardiovascular disease. Dr. Grandma’s is dedicated to informing our readers so that they can make choices that position themselves for optimal health.

Yummyness is central to the mission of Dr. Grandma’s. We believe if food does not taste delicious, it will not be eaten frequently and consistently. Dr. Grandma frequently shares recipes to give reader ideas for moving their eating-style toward the Mediterranean-style of eating with whole delicious food prepared to be exceptionally tasty.

The author, Joyce Bunderson (aka: Doctor Grandma), is a registered dietitian with a Masters in Public Health Nutrition and a Doctorate in Public Administration.
She is passionate about health and wellness and believes that with nutritious foods and exercise, people can decrease their risks of common diseases like diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular heart disease and other health problems.

Latest Foodland Chronicles Posts

The following are the latest posts from Joyce, the Doctor Grandma's team and some featured contributors.

Keeping Your Metabolism Humming

August 15, 2017

Probably most of you out there in Cyberland know that if your metabolism slows down, the pounds are going to creep up on the scale. (Metabolism refers to the rate at which calories are burned by your body to grow and heal and produce energy). It seems as though many people are giving up on […]

Creativity in the Kitchen

August 8, 2017

Let’s imagine that you have not been gifted with music talents; nor do you write books; and on top of that you can’t draw worth beans. Maybe you have a gift for creativity in the kitchen; this gift can be a main ingredient in healthy, tasty dishes. You may be able to make recipes that […]

Plant-Based Junk Food is Alive and Well

August 1, 2017

Today’s issue is one of those concerns that has been a question brewing in my mind, just below the surface for a long time. What I’m writing about today is the problem of unhealthful plant-based diets. I’ve personally known people, self-proclaimed vegetarians, who are grabbing products like Pop-tarts (white processed flour, filled with sugary hot […]

Need a Taste Buds Reset?

July 25, 2017

Of course it’s not everyone, but many people are beginning to understand the problems associated with consuming too much sugar. It’s very motivating to finally be facing a public who has caught the vision of resisting the tempting call of those empty calories of sugar. It’s been a long time in coming. Before I go […]

It’s Not too Late

July 18, 2017

Has it ever crossed your mind that maybe you’ve not always eaten a very healthy diet and so, alas, it’s too late to make any changes? I have counseled people who have said; “I’ve not eaten a healthy diet for decades, so what’s the point now?” Finally, there’s a study that speaks exactly to that […]