April 2010

April 1, 2010 in 2010 by Joyce Bunderson

April: In this Issue

Special Days and Monthly Celebrations

Grandma really enjoys celebrations and special days; so each month she will share a few ideas that she thinks are interesting.

Good Health Can Be Yummy

Recipes and thoughts from last months Foodland Chronicles on making food taste great and build healthy bodies.

Special Days and Monthly Celebrations

April is filled with events to celebrate; those below are a few that touched my heart this year.

April Showers Bring May Flowers

This little granddaughter was on a trip to Butchart Gardens in British Columbia, with Dr. Grandma and Dr. Grandpa, who enjoy flowers and gardens. As much as we enjoy flowers, she’s certainly prettier and sweeter that any flower there.

Easter and Passover

Easter and Passover are early this year. Easter is on April 4th and Passover is from March 29th to April 5.th This year, since I’ve dedicated the year to fruits, vegetables and whole grains, I decided to make two vegetable recipes to add to an Easter or a Passover meal. The Passover vegetable recipe is parve, so it can be served with any main course. One nice thing about that recipe (Roasted Yams and Beets) is that it is naturally sweet and is very easy to make. It’s a perfectly delicious vegetable dish to serve for an Easter dinner also. The second vegetable dish that I’ll be publishing soon is Green Beans with Lemony Shallots. Both of these two recipes will be published this week this first week of April.

If you didn’t get the recipe for Hot Cross Raisin Muffins from our April 2009 newsletter, just click here – it’s an Easter favorite.

National Education Month

Dr. Grandpa spent most of his career in the field of education. His main focus was research in designing computer programs that help students learn more easily – using friendly assessment to provide helpful feedback. Using maps of their own progress, the students quickly see where they are strong and where they need more practice. Dr. Grandpa and Dr. Grandma love to learn and are strong proponents of lifetime learning – we have no plans for retiring from learning. We hope you enjoy learning from our blog.

National Volunteer Week

It’s amazing what a giving country we live in, where 63.4 million Americans volunteer, giving about 8.1 billion hours of service. An interesting fact is that volunteerism has grown during this past recession. I enjoy reading about good news (It’s not always easy to find.)

Arbor Day April 24th

I so enjoy seeing a graceful tree. It’s not just what the tree offers to our atmosphere, but the beauty of individual trees and forests, too. I’ve lost some trees in my life, and it’s like losing a good friend. I had a multi-trunk carob tree when I lived in Simi Valley, California – It was a sad day when I lost that graceful tree. Maybe we could celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd, by planting a tree or donating a tree to a school or park.

National Garden Month

There’s nothing like home grown vegies!

I guess they call April National Garden Month because it’s the beginning of planting – the beginning of hope for a beautiful growing season. I’m sending best wishes to all my fellow gardeners for a beautiful growing season.

National Public Health Week: April 5 – 11

This holiday is, of course, near and dear to my heart. My passion for public health did not end in 1985, when I received my Masters in Public Health, at UCLA. I continue to spend a fairly large ratio of my waking hours keeping up on public health and then sharing it with the readers of the Doctor Grandma’s blog. My hope is that the information helps the readers and their friends, move toward a healthier lifestyle. Don’t forget that I continue to invite you to write to me about subjects that you would be interested in reading about.

Good Health Can Be Yummy

Recipes and thoughts on making food taste good and build healthy bodies.

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