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Special Days and Monthly Celebrations

Grandma really enjoys celebrations and special days; so each month she will share a few ideas that she thinks are interesting.

Good Health Can Be Yummy

Recipes and thoughts from last months Foodland Chronicles on making food taste great and build healthy bodies.

Special Days and Monthly Celebrations

Time to celebrate June’s special days; those below are a few that touched my heart this year.

D-Day is June 6th

I guess some young people will think that D-day is a real old-fashioned holiday to commemorate. About 8 years ago, I had the privilege to visit Normandy beach in France. It was sobering to see the acres of white crosses lined up in geometric perfection. I was a teenager during the antiwar movement of the 1960s; I wasn’t ever a protestor, but the thought of my fellow students dying made a tight squeeze on my heart. I realized how I hated war and still do. It was maybe a decade or two later when I realized the enormous personal sacrifices many have made for the freedoms I enjoy. So when I notice that the anniversary of D-day is in June, I realize the great importance of that day in history; the day when Americans and other allies began the movement to take back Europe from the Nazis – to help our friends (including now the German people themselves) regain their freedom.

Raggedy Ann & Andy Day – June 13th and 14th

It’s time to make Raggedy Ann and Andy Salads again; time to let the children or grandchildren have a really fun meal. (See June 2009 Newsletter)

Family History Day is June 14th

This year Dr. Grandpa and I got somewhat interested in the Who Do You Think You Are? television program which featured a number of famous people including Brooke Shields, Sarah Jessica Parker, Lisa Kudrow, Spike Lee and Susan Sarandon. I caught a bit of the bug (genealogy bug that is) from them – it’s fun to learn about who we are. The summer is a perfect time to ask the older folks what they remember from their pasts.

Father’s Day is June 20th

A great place to start if you want to learn about your ancestors from discussions with your father. I wish I had asked my father before he was gone, about some of his ancestors. I share my best wishes for you, your fathers, and grandfathers to have a superb holiday celebration. Don’t forget the Muffins Your Way recipe for baked donuts to keep your dad’s heart healthy. In the June 2009 Newsletter there are 3 recipes for baked donuts.

Summer Solstice is June 21st this Year

But if you live in the southern hemisphere, you’ll have to wait until December 21st. This should be one of my favorite holidays as it signals the full arrival of the longer daylight days of summer. In the northern hemisphere, it is the longest day. I remember the magical days of my childhood when I lived in Kansas where there were long twilight wonders; most especially lightening bugs and the warm wonderful air of softly lit evenings.

National Hand Shake Day – June 24th

I’m really ready for a little consensus building, and maybe a few more smiles and handshakes. My suggestion is to gather some friends together for some civil discourse with a batch of Dr. Grandma’s muffins (they’re politically correct – that is healthy whole grain, no sugar, low in sodium, and extra virgin olive oil.)

June is Great Outdoors Month

June marks the beginning of back yard patio gatherings and camping excursions. I think of pancakes when I think of these types of activities – what’s better than pancakes in the woods?

My youngest daughter thinks muffins are easier and faster, at home at least. She has started a new tradition with her favorite muffin recipes. She says that muffins lend themselves to easy mornings. The children just pick them up and breakfast is on – no waiting. She says that way she can make them in the morning or at night, whenever it fits into her schedule.

Good Health Can Be Yummy

Recipes and thoughts on making food taste good and build healthy bodies.

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