Attaining / Maintaining a Healthy Weight

Resolving to Escape the McVictim Syndrome
Dr. Grandma shares ideas from three articles that may ultimately lead us to improved health.
The Boring Tortoise Technique
Dr. Grandma discusses weight management techniques that can last a lifetime.
Dashing around Like a Mediterranean Elf
Dr. Grandma discusses the Mediterranean-style of eating.
Do Food Cravings Raise Powerful Images in Your Mind?
Dr. Grandma discusses some new research about food cravings.
Making a Difference in the Mindless Margin
Dr. Grandma shares ideas for benefiting from the ‘mindless margin’ which leads to long term weight loss and weight management.
Ordinary Veggies Can Facilitate Weight Loss
Dr. Grandma share an eating style that works for her.
Taming the Inner Cookie Monster
Dr. Grandma discusses a step away from cravings.
Water, a Secret Weight-Loss Weapon
Dr. Grandma shares a little hint to contribute to weight loss.
What We Eat Impacts Our Genes
Dr. Grandma discusses how what we eat and how we live controls some of the actions of our genes. In addition, she shares a recipe for caramelized vegetables.
With Cucumbers, There’s Seldom a Dill Moment
Dr. Grandma writes about a favorite weight management vegetable. In addition, she shares a recipe for Tarragon, Cucumber and Yogurt Sauce for Salmon.
Avoiding the Pitfalls of Summer Eating
Dr. Grandma gives some hints for avoiding the pitfalls of summer eating.