Explore the Food-Health Connection

Saturated Fats

Unclogging Your Pipes
Dr. Grandma shares the report of a new study revealing less-clogged arteries after 2 years of a new eating style, which included more fruits, vegetables and less trans fats.
Should We Put the Brakes on Eating Cheese?
Dr. Grandma shares some statistics about cheese and a few hints.
Nuts Benefit Heart Health Too
Dr. Grandma reports on new research related to nuts and heart health.
Start Now Even if You’ve Had a Heart Attack
Dr. Grandma shares a report of two research studies that both find evidence for improved outcome for patients with heart disease who eat a Mediterranean-style diet.
More Good News for Extra Virgin Olive Oil Users
Dr. Grandma discusses two studies that give further evidence for the benefits for eating extra virgin olive oil.
If You’re Worried about Clogged Pipes – Consider an Oil Change
Dr. Grandma discusses new research that points in the direction of using extra virgin olive oil for most of your cooking needs.

Refined Carbohydrates

Getting on the Whole Grain Train
We Americans are still in the process of embracing the concept of benefiting from eating whole grains.
Making Our Sweet-Seeking Taste Buds Happy
Dr. Grandma shares some positive new information about low-calorie sweeteners. She also posts a recipe that will naturally make your sweet tooth happy – without adding sugar or artificial sweeteners.
Running toward Whole Grains, Vegetables, Beans and Fruit
Dr. Grandma writes about three different studies that encourage us to eat whole grains, vegetables, beans and fruit. In addition, she shares a recipe that contains whole grains, vegetables, beans and fruit.
Time to Give Up White Bread and Pasta. Really!
Dr. Grandma discusses the type of carbohydrate to substitute for saturated fat to reduce heart attack risk.
Whole Grains Winning the Health Race
Dr. Grandma shares the latest studies that continue to support the connection of health and eating whole grains.
Have Your Cake and Eat It Too!
Dr. Grandma shares information and ideas for practical ways to reduce intake of empty-calorie sugars. Included are recipes for whole wheat shortcake and fruit desserts.
Enjoying Chocolate – A Spoonful of Reality
Dr. Grandma discusses health benefits of chocolate and portion control.
Erythritol – the Coming Alternative to Simple Sugars
Revisiting the Snackwell Syndrome
Dr. Grandma discusses the problems with substituting refined carbohydrates for saturated fats.
Santa’s Belly – No Laughing Matter
Dr. Grandma share hints for Santa’s waistline and health.


Collecting Coffin Nails
Dr. Grandma reports on a study about calcium supplements and heart attacks.
Eating a Home Grown Tomato
Tomatoes are much more than lycopene.
Fighting Cancer – One Plateful at a Time
How diet fits into cancer reduction goals is discussed by Dr. Grandma.
I’m Shouting Halleluiah! Cheers! Hurray! And Yippy
Dr. Grandma shares the good news. In addition, she shares are recipe for real whole grains, nuts and fruit.
Nutritionism: Using a Single Player instead of the Entire Team
Dr. Grandma discusses nutritionism and relates it to a study on stanols and sterols.
Rescuing Foods from the Evil Grasp of Nutritionism
Dr. Grandpa shares his perspective on the long battle against nutritionism that lies ahead of us.