Live with / Avoid Diabetes

Diabetes – Why Should We Care?
Dr. Grandma discusses the growing epidemic of diabetes, and the importance of avoiding it.
Avoiding Diabetes
Dr. Grandma shares insight regarding avoiding diabetes.
Life Style Changes Lick Diabetes
In this post, Dr. Grandpa relates his surprise at learning that the skinny kid with the sweet tooth who could always eat as much as he wanted had diabetes. He recounts the steps he and Dr. Grandma used to lose weight, lick it, and quit the medicine in 6 months — now sustained for 5 years.
Fat Choices Can Make a Difference – A Big Fat Difference
A study reveals that monounsaturated fats lower LDL-Cholesterol (the bad stuff) and reduce inflammation (metabolic syndrome).
A Ninjabetic Attitude
Dr. Grandma is a strong proponent for aggressively and diligently working on life-style habits to divert the complications of diabetes.
Going Nuts for Mediterranean Snacks
Dr. Grandma shares some information to encourage us to eat nuts as part of a healthy Mediterranean-style diet.
Mediterranean Diet and Diabetes – a Good Link
Dr. Grandma writes about yet another reason to eat a Mediterranean Diet – Diabetes.