About Doctor Grandma’s

Long before it was the trend, Doctor Grandma discovered the benefit of baking with whole grains. Milling fresh flour at home and creating healthy delicious recipes has brought joy and love into her home and to many others.

A Quick Look

At the turn of the century, (2000 that is) low carb, fat-free diets were the craze, but that wasn’t the route Joyce Bunderson would take to nurse her husband, Victor, to optimal health when he was diagnosed with diabetes. With 100% whole wheat and over three decades of home-style cooking experience, Victor’s (Dr. Grandpa) blood glucose came within a healthy range. His doctor said he was fortunate to have his wife, Dr. Grandma, who was an advanced dietitian.

Joyce Bunderson is a Registered Dietitian with a Masters in Public Health, and a doctorate degree. She has shared her love for healthy cooking with her 32 grandchildren and is now breathing new life into the health food world by introducing a new line of products containing 100% Whole Organic Hard Red Spring Wheat, 100% Natural Calorie-Free Sweetener (from fruit extracts only), and extra virgin olive oil.


Dr. Grandma was talking with her family physician during a routine check-up about Victor’s astounding diabetes recovery. She mentioned that Victor had pancakes for breakfast that morning. The family physician was shocked. A breakfast of pancakes surely meant white flour, syrup, and butter, which obviously is hard on a recovering diabetic’s body.

Little did he know, Dr. Grandma made her pancakes with home ground 100% whole wheat. She had developed the pancake recipe over 36 years ago, and added extra virgin olive oil for extra nutrients.

Later that week, as Joyce prepared to visit a couple of her grandchildren, it came to her.

Doctor Grandmas Good Health can be Yummy

It was sheer inspiration. Dr. Grandma had always wanted to get the word out on baking with whole grains and other nutritious ingredients. Now she could share her nutrition and cooking passion with the world by creating nutritious mixes to be enjoyed by the whole family. Consumers will never have to guess whether they are eating true whole wheat when Dr. Grandma is cooking.

Creating Doctor Grandma’s Products

Dr. Grandma provides nourishing whole grain products to the public. She also offers food specifically designed for Diabetics or those on carbohydrate-restricted, or carbohydrate-controlled diets. Research has shown that whole grain products are far better for diabetic persons than refined flours. So, Dr. Grandma’s makes her products with 100% Whole Organic Hard Red Spring Wheat and 100% Natural Calorie-Free Sweetener (made with fruit extracts.)

The mixes come in packaging designed to protect and optimize the integrity of a nutritionally superior product. Educational references and materials are available on Dr. Grandma’s website specifically designed to help consumers understand the importance of whole grains in a healthy diet; the scientific rationale for the use of the grains, and the explanation for the methods of producing and managing the product.

Dr. Grandma’s products are processed and handled differently than other whole grain products. These production and handling differences have been adopted to make the products optimally nourishing. It is suggested that the mixes are temperature-controlled (refrigerated or frozen) for extended storage – this protects the extra virgin olive oil included in the products, and the delicate oils in the wheat germ itself. Careful handling also protects the omega-3s and omega-6’s and all the vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients within the wheat germ and bran that remains in Dr. Grandma’s freshly ground whole wheat products.

The essential fats in whole grains and extra virgin olive oil are easily oxidized. Other food manufacturers saturate the fats (which means hydrogenating, or filling the bonds with hydrogen) making the fats more stable at room temperature. This causes the fat to less likely become oxidized, therefore, it lasts for a very long time. Unfortunately, saturating fats with hydrogen has a very negative outcome on health, including, but not limited to cardiovascular disease. Saturated fat is a building block for LDL Cholesterol (the bad stuff that is used to make the plaque that can clog your arteries).

In the process of hydrogenating oils, trans fats are created — another big mistake (bad for your arteries and heart) — so Dr. Grandma’s products use monounsaturated fats, and follows strict procedures that protects the beneficial fats used in their products.