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Controlling Your Home Environment

In the 1980’s I was the director of a program for obese and morbidly obese patients. I wrote and taught classes that the patients received each week. One of the main goals was to help each patient learn to keep their food environment safe. The lessons’ aim was to help the patients see that ‘will […]

Tips for Cutting Back on Salt

Italian researchers lead by Pasquale Strazzullo studied the relationship between the level of habitual salt intake and stroke or total cardiovascular disease outcome. What they concluded, from looking at all that data was that “high salt intake is associated with significantly increased risk of stroke and total cardiovascular disease.” This doesn’t happen very often but […]

Trading-Up to Healthy Foods instead of Dieting

Do you really need to follow diet recipes for meals for three times a day, seven days per week, or can you do some things over and over with a little variation? Although I like to try new recipes, I also have a cache of stand-bys, not necessarily recipes, but ways to cook food. I’m […]

Twenty Thoughts on Weight-related Goals

We’ve been there before – and here we are again. I was thinking about my own weigh management, and about my years of counseling those who were overweight and morbidly obese. What did I learn from those experiences? Is there anything that would benefit our readers? I hope, yes. The American Dietetic Association says that […]