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Adding Whole Grains to Your Diet

Introduce whole grain breads by starting with breads that have whole wheat but are not 100 percent whole wheat. Gradually change to 100 percent whole wheat…

Whole Almonds

Almonds: Just A Handful A Day

A one-ounce handful of almonds offers heart-healthy monounsaturated fat, antioxidants, vitamin E, protein, fiber, magnesium, potassium, calcium, phosphorous and iron, all in 160 calories…

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Diabetes Statistics Rates in the U.S.

Diabetes Info: From the Desk of Dr. Grandma Because diabetes accelerates heart disease, it is the number one killer of persons with diabetes. That is why, when reading the list of foods for diabetics, you will notice that a heart-healthy diet is very closely related to food for diabetics.

Whole Foods vs Taking Supplements

Eating Foods vs. Taking Supplements

It is impossible to have optimal health by consuming a diet of highly processed foods with only the addition of a few supplemented nutrients in the form of a vitamin pill…

Fatty Acids

Fatty Acids: Why Should They Matter to Us?

The body cannot make essential fatty acids on it’s own and for this reason, omega-3s must be obtained from food, thus making outside sources of these fats essential to good health…

Fiber in Whole Grains

Fiber in Whole Grains

Fiber is an important component of whole grain. It is preventative towards colon cancer, diabetes, intestinal problems, heart disease, and obesity…

Reliable Nutrition Info

Finding Reliable Nutrition Information

To help weed out fiction from the facts, Doctor Grandma’s has provided you with some quick tips on how to avoid false claims…

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Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Eating a healthy breakfast is an important way to start the day. Doctor Grandma’s healthy breakfast ideas page is full of nutritious ways to start the day…

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Study Confirms Heart Benefits of Whole Grains

Americans should bulk up on whole grains like oatmeal, barley and brown rice to help lower their risk of clogged arteries, heart attacks and strokes, according to researchers.

Suggested Rules for Buffet Table Navigation

Buffet tables are challenging and alluring. Those attractive colors, textures, aromas, memories of past nibbling, and the countless varieties, captivate many a weight management resolve.