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Big Pharma

Big Pharma refers to the pharmaceutical industry. Specifically, it refers to the pharmaceutical lobby that represents both biomedical and pharmaceutical companies in seeking to influence government policy regarding the regulation of drugs and medical products.

Business Ethics

This blog takes the position that business ethics is an important issue.  The social and health costs of profitable, highly-marketed and widely sold foodstuffs are becoming a great threat to the financial and physical well-being of this and other nations. But it is a difficult ideal to achieve, and must be worked at continually.  More […]

Food Hedonics Research

In psychology ‘hedonics’ is “the ethical study of pleasure”.  When hedonics is studied as the science of creating and manipulating sensations associated with eating foods the “ethical” part is seldom if ever remembered.  Hedonics Research and development leads to foods that will grab you and won’t let go of you.  This desirable marketing outcome is […]

Food, Inc.

A term popularized in the Academy Award nominated documentary of that name, and in an accompanying book. It refers to the industrialization of the entire food chain, and generally, to any of the big industrialized food businesses. Food Inc. seeks to give the public the benefit of cheaper faster, seductive eating, and give it to […]


Fude: Highly processed substances sold in packages for immediate consumption or quick preparation; also highly processed and designed dishes served in restaurants. In packages, perishable ingredients have been taken out or minimized, and mixed with excesses of salt, fat, and sugar in amounts not found in traditional whole foods. (See Kessler, The End of Overeating […]

Functional Foods

What are Functional Foods? A “functional food” is a food that is designed to meet a specific need, generally to add a nutrient that is not found naturally in the specific food. It is also used to create a food product to be a ‘vehicle’ to deliver a nutrient that is not being consumed in […]

Mediterranean Style of Eating

Dr. Grandma gives the background of the Mediterranean style of eating and identifies 13 components of the unified Med Diet.


Nutritionism in practice involves singling out one or a few important nutrients in certain whole foods as the cause of benefits from those foods.  The person practicing nutritionism is implying that the singled-out nutrients provide the benefits shown in studies conducted using a whole food.  This approach grossly oversimplifies how the body metabolizes complete foods, […]

What is Pink Slime

Pink Slime

Pink slime is a slang term for what the meat packing industry calls ‘lean beef trimmings’ or ‘lean finely textured beef’. The term Pink Slime was originally coined by Gerald Zirnstein, a food inspector and whistle blower who has been working since 2002 to raise public awareness of pink slime and its prolific use. What […]

Subsidies for Foods

The Government has created subsidies for certain foods, paid from tax revenues.  There are a number of subsidies. Corn and meat subsidies have been central to lower costs for these farm products.  One form of subsidy goes to government itself to set up bureaucracies to pay for part of the work (e.g, meat inspections). This […]