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Tart Cherries

Tart Cherries: Good to Include in a Diet

The nutrients found in tart, or sour cherries are ten times more effective in fighting inflammation than Aspirin…

Default Wheat

The Facts About Gluten Intolerance

It has become very fashionable to be told by persons claiming to be health providers that a person is gluten-intolerant. What does it really mean to be gluten-intolerant?


Tips for Getting Kids to Eat Vegetables

I’ve decided throw out some ideas from a Grandma, who of course, fed kids decades ago. If you’re learning what Food Inc. is doing to our health and feeling pressure as the nutritional gatekeeper for your family, the first and most important step is to do a little planning. Take it a step at a […]

To Busy to Eat Right

Too Busy to Eat Right?

Some people want to provide homemade nourishing products, but simply don’t have the time to shop, store, mix, and measure ingredients for homemade items…

Bread Slices

Why Do Food Manufacturers Use Processed Grains?

We are in an era of highly processed foods. A reason why manufacturers use processed grains is because some Americans prefer the taste of processed grains…

Wheat Kernel

Why Whole Grains

Although there is considerable focus on the fiber in whole grains, it may not be the fiber alone that reduces hypertension and heart disease…