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Frittata – Vegetables for Breakfast

Frittata – Vegetables for Breakfast

Want the flavors and nutrients of the Mediterranean with your breakfast? Try a frittata! Once you add the technique to your repertoire, you will discover that the variations are almost endless – just like the flavors. When I originally started making frittatas it was to satisfy a desire to use more of our garden vegetables; […]

Mexican Poached Eggs

Mexican Poached Eggs (Breakfast Soup)

Ideas about egg consumption seem for decades to have been swinging back and forth between viewing them as healthy low fat addition to the diet vs deploring them as an artery clogging food. It’s too bad, because the swinging has the health professionals confused also. Researchers are still trying to have a definitive answer to […]

Veggies and Eggs

Two Ways with Eggs

We don’t eat eggs for breakfast often, but I snapped some pictures of two breakfasts in the last month. The first is nothing more than breaking eggs into a skillet and mixing in fresh-snipped basil. It was served with avocado and salsa. The second egg breakfast was just this morning. I sliced a half of […]


Vegetable Frittata

If you’re striving to introduce more vegetables to your diet, think about using vegetables in your breakfast. Making a frittata is an easy way to do it. Omelets are another way to add vegetables, but turning is more difficult than the frittata procedure. The main thing to remember in making a frittata is that the […]