Beets Me

October 6, 2010 in Blog Recipes, Diabetic Menu Item, Nutrition by Mary Ireland

I was so very disappointed to see that Michelle Obama is down on beets. She is making such a strong statement with her garden and her programs on fighting childhood obesity, it seems a shame she is giving the green light to kids not to eat beets.

Although I have to admit, I didn't eat beets when I was a child. My mother wanted to avoid food conflicts, so she prepared only those foods that she knew my sisters and I would like or at least would eat without a fuss. I'm glad that I outgrew eating such a limited range of food.

I love beets now. I grow them and eat the beets, the beet greens and now, after seeing Dr. Grandma's Wheat Berries and Beet Greens, Flavors of Egypt Soup, I even starting eating the stems. They are good too! All you have to do is look at beets and you know from the colors -- deep red and green -- that these vegetables are loaded with nutrients.

The First Lady says, "Neither the President nor I have the beet gene." Perhaps if she read Dr. Grandma's blog What We Eat Impacts Our Genes she would realize that she might be able to turn on that "beet gene." She and the President could start with Roweena's Beet and Apple Salad. This recipe is very simple and very good. I find that people who usually don't like beets, like this.