Getting It Done

October 1, 2013 in Psychology of Food, Weight Management by Joyce Bunderson

I admit it; I’m a success story junkie.  I love reading stories about those who set a goal and get it done. This particular story got my attention because the man that lost 245 pounds said he did it using three P’s.  I wanted to know about his three P’s. So I was in.  What were the three P’s? Marlon Gibson said that he always tells people that it’s persistence, passion and perseverance. Now I read his words and don’t really know the distinction between persistence and perseverance (they are synonyms), but it gave him a nice 3-p slogan, and we have to be believers in him whatever the best explanation is for his success. I do know that he had to be firm, diligent and determined in his resolve to change his body; 245 pounds don’t just fall of in a couple of months. He started in 2011. This 34-year old guy did it without surgery or a special diet. My prediction is that he will be more likely to keep the weight off, because he designed his own plan. He learned about his needs; he made decisions about what he was willing and able to do, and kept tweaking it as time went on. See Twenty Thoughts, Nip It in the Bud or one of our other articles about weight management for ideas for designing your own plan.

There was a moment that touched Mr. Gibson and set him on his journey; he saw his wife tear up during The Biggest Loser when they cited the statistics about the life span of those afflicted with diabetes and obesity. What is so inspiring, and encouraging to others who may be afraid to try, is the way Gibson did it. He didn’t cut out all bad food; he started by making changes a little at a time. The CNN article reported that he loved fried chicken and decided to eat six pieces instead of eight. Then later he’d reduce it to four pieces and eventually dropped fried chicken all together. Ultimately he began to eat much less meat. The ratio of meat he converged on put meat in a category more like a condiment, rather than the main attraction. Finally, he became a vegan, but it was a slow process to get there.

Besides looking so incredible (see 6 pictures in the CNN article), so young and fit, he no longer needs the high blood pressure meds he used to take. He also noticed that he’s “Got energy for days.”  What a great example for holding oneself accountable! Making a decision and then going about what it took to get it done.  Wow! Mr. Gibson, you’re an inspiration!