Grinding Your Own Wheat

May 22, 2010 in Wheat Berries by Webmaster

Milling wheat has evolved over thousands of years. Originally the grains were cracked or coarsely crushed and made into heavy flat breads and cooked cereals.

The Truth about White Flour

Today the wheat berries are often finely ground and the germ and bran layer are removed. Food processors want to remove the high-fiber bran layer (outer layer) and the inner, fatty acid containing germ portion.

The reason that food processors want the bran and germ removed is that it lengthens the shelf life considerably. Another reason is that the bran and germ may be sold separately for additional profit. In the past millers fought laws to leave it in because they had a profitable business selling the bran and germ as animal feed!

The resulting white flour can make very light, fluffy breads and other modern wheat products. Unfortunately, the removal of those two portions of the grain (wheat berry) removes much of the vitamins, minerals fiber and phytonutrients.