Fresh Apricot, Avocado and Cucumber Salsa

September 21, 2010 in Condiments by Joyce Bunderson

I served this salsa on Orange Roughy (firm white fish), but it would be equally delicious on chicken, pork or whatever you enjoy. This really was an exceptionally tasty salsa. Another option is to use it for dipping. The Mediterranean-style of eating is shear pleasure (the flavors puts health in the background).



1 ½ cups apricots, chopped
¾ cup red pepper, diced
¾ cup seeded cucumber, diced
1 cup avocado, diced
¾ cup sweet onion, diced
1 tablespoon parsley, snipped
2 tablespoons sweetener of your choice
3 tablespoons fresh lime juice
2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil


Gently mix all the ingredients together, so as to not crush the avocado. Serve immediately or cover and serve within a couple of days. The lime juice will preserve the avocado and apricot color.

Dice the apricots

Chopped apricots and onions.

Red peppers and cucumbers

Add parsley and the remaining ingredients.

This is truly delicious!!!