Start in the Pantry

July 21, 2010 in Cooking Tips by Joyce Bunderson

I believe that one way to stop the madness of frequent fast food meals and junk food consumption is to begin to focus on what you and your family like. Develop some methods of making those meals ahead. If you want to increase the number of meals that you prepare at home, having a stock of staples on your shelves, refrigerator and freezer can be a big benefit in reaching your goal. The following is a place to start – items that I would encourage you to have on hand. Remember to stock the items that you would actually use.

When you are getting low on one of your staple items, put it on the list for the next grocery shopping expedition. Canned fruits, vegetables are perfect for last minute needs. Running out of fresh yams, for example, drain a can of yams, sprinkle with cinnamon or limejuice and microwave.

My ideas of a place to start: