Weird Food Is in the Eyes of the Beholder

January 28, 2010 in Foodland, Foodland Chronicles by Joyce Bunderson

If you’re a foodie like me, and haven’t yet seen this thread of comments posted on the internet you may have some good laughs waiting for you. When I first saw the question, “What weird family foods did you grow up with?” I thought of some that I’ve run into, but the posted examples beat all. There’re some that really make me laugh out.

The posting stirred a few memories; one I’ve shared recently, about avocado sandwiches; and how my classmates would say, “Yuck, What’s that?” As I’ve written before, it didn’t stop me from eating them.

Another funny food that I read about was Jell-O in a bowl of milk. I have my own Jell-O story, but it’s without the milk. When I moved to Utah, I was gifted with a recipe book about Jell-O. I was curious why the giver, who knew that I never made Jell-O, would give me a Jell-O cookbook. I was told that if you’re going to live in Utah, you should have a cookbook for one of the State foods. I have now lived here for almost 10 years, and haven’t seen Jell-O offered frequently, but then again, I’m not in the homes with kids that often. By the way, I think the Utah favorite is specifically green Jell-O – it was big during the 2002 winter Olympics. I’ve read that Bill Cosby came and spoke to the state legislature about making Jell-O the official state snack.

The other funny food item that I’ve learned about since living here is: melting cheddar cheese on a baking sheet and just eating it – like in gooey stretchy clumps. This will not be one of the heart healthy ideas in my February article about that subject.

If I were to go back to the website, I’d probably enter my weirdest growing up food. I’d have to say, scrambled eggs and brains. Yes, it’s absolutely delicious; in my memory anyway.

Hoping that there is nothing weird about vegetables in your shopping cart.

Hoping that there is nothing weird about vegetables in your shopping cart.