Green Smoothie Surprise

July 12, 2016 in Foodland Chronicles, Nutrition by Joyce Bunderson

About a week ago, I thinned our little beet patch. Mostly they were just three-inch leafy greens. I didn’t have time to do anything with them, so I just popped them into a plastic bag and put them into the refrigerator. I realized that I had spinach on hand and maybe would add the spinach and beet greens together. That didn’t happen.

A couple of days after the ‘harvest,’ I decided to try a green smoothie. In the past, I have always given my surplus greens to my ‘lover of green smoothies’ neighbor at my old home, meantime insisting that I like to eat my greens as vegetables or in recipes. But something possessed me that day. I thought: “It’s such a hot day; maybe I should try to make an icy cool green smoothie.” They always looked a little gross to me, ranging from brown to muddy green, but hey, why not give it a try? I read a few recipes and got the gist of what went into green smoothies. I was ready to add the spinach, but thought, “Why not the beet greens?” So in went the beet greens into the bottom of the blender container. I added some ice, a little water, a little of my zero-calorie fruit extract sweetener; and some Greek yogurt – pushed the ‘smoothie’ button twice and poured. I must admit that was pretty easy.

I was shocked! My green smoothie was not green at all; it was a beautiful darker shade of pink. My husband enjoyed the cool flavorful drink and so did I. I was thinking; if you are trying to get greens into your family, you may want to consider sprouting a few beet seeds. Or maybe buying some beets from your farmer’s market; be sure to include some of the red stems, if you want your smoothie to turn pink. It seems to me that a yummy pink drink on a hot summer day may be eagerly accepted as a treat; unlike trying to get the children to eat a serving of hot greens.

Seriously, there are jillions of recipes on line for green smoothies; if you want Greek yogurt too, there’s jillions of those too.