The Most Dangerous Meal of the Day

June 6, 2017 in Diabetes Management, Foodland, Health, Nutrition by Joyce Bunderson

Almost every time I travel, I realize how much I like English breakfast. I enjoy grilled tomatoes, beans and eggs. Toward the end of summer, I’m usually slicing off the tops of tomatoes from my garden; and pan-grilling them with a little olive oil and herbs, for our breakfast. Note: it’s a little like how to use all the extra zucchini in the fall. In our hurry up world we think making grilled tomatoes and eggs takes too much time; but what are we choosing instead?

I’ve written quite a bit about junky breakfast cereals; one of my favorite posts was Twinkies for Breakfast. It’s no longer news that most of the processed cereals are full of sugar, honey or some other form of simple sugar. What people seem to be missing is that the highly processed grains; food starch; and modified food starch are quickly broken down into glucose by enzymes in your mouth and gut, and this drives your blood sugar (and fat storage) up just like eating sugar cereal. When you eat French Toast; waffles; pancakes; muffins; bagels; toast; biscuits, scones, croissants, or doughnuts made with white flour, it’s just about the same as having Cocoa Puffs, Captain Crunch or Fruit Loops – which epitomize junk cereal in my mind. Note: The majority of the other popular cereals are no better. The point is that the processed flour and sugar combined are making the fast breakfast the most dangerous meal of the day. It drives up the blood sugar and your body manages that (as long as you don’t have diabetes) by driving all that surplus sugar (aka starch) into your cells – FAT. What a mess! The $10 billion cereal industry is doing its best to camouflage what’s impacting your health. They may add some whole grain to the sugar load; but the fact is that the sugar is still there. The point is: For their share of $10B they will go down fighting for their breakfast market share with cheap, unhealthy – but very profitable ingredients.

You don’t have to make an elaborate grilled tomato, eggs and beans breakfast to make an improvement. One easy way is to choose a cereal like shredded wheat or a healthy granola; beware that there are many granolas that have too much saturated fat and a ton of sugar. Just plain old-fashioned oatmeal is another option (not instant, it turns to glucose too fast and your hunger returns fast too). Microwave three servings in a large bowl for about 5 minutes, serve with some fruit; some milk or Greek yogurt; and sprinkle with nuts. Voilà!!! You have a breakfast that delivers some fiber, protein, fat and good carbs all done in two shakes of a lambs tail.