October 16, 2018 in fiber, Health by Joyce Bunderson

Some subjects are well……. a little gross for many people. But the fact is that “the subject” may become an issue for you, whether you like it or not. As those of you who have been reading this blog for ten years or so, know, I write frequently about my dear grandmother who raised me for six of my childhood years. She frequently expressed her concerns to me by inquiring about my “regularity.” I, of course, being a teen, wondered; “Why are you asking me about this?” The fact of the matter is that some of us sit more than we did as a child; some drink less fluid; some eat less fiber; some take medications with side effects on regularity as they age; and some are genetically predisposed to problems with “regularity.”

Well, let’s move this along and make this blog short and swe…. OK ….. I’m not creative enough to make it sweet. But I’ll just list a few hints to keep things regular.

1. Fiber is key. If you’re eating a diet like I’m always writing about, you’ve got this covered. A quick review as related to this blog is: plenty of vegetables; fruit; whole grains. It surprises me how many people still have not adopted whole grains. The fiber in these common foods is what the body needs.
When I travel for an extended period of time; especially if on tour where I’m not in control of choosing the meals; I must take a supplement. The point is that the way we eat at home provides sufficient fiber and we don’t need the supplements.
If you need to take a supplement, try one of the mix with water and drink, once or twice a day.
Note: Don’t fool yourself that taking the fiber supplement is giving you everything you’d get in eating the fiber-filled foods. Refer to one of my articles that address the thousands of phytonutrients in plant foods. But for a short-term safety net, it’s an acceptable option.
2. Water is also one of the keys to regularity. If you eat a fiber bar, for example, and don’t have sufficient liquids in your diet, you’ll just add to the constipation. If you’re exercising and perspiring, don’t forget to add additional liquids. Many Americans are dehydrated as a routine state. Consider adding a new habit of liquid intake. Maybe each morning and afternoon – an additional cup of water or of your favorite non-sugar drink.
3. Exercise, pure and simple, helps move things along. Move your body.
4. Medications, even common medications like high blood pressure and depression meds can play havoc on your regularity. If you do the above three items, it will help your chances that you can manage it without a problem. But if that doesn’t work, you will need to talk it over with your doctor.

All right, that’s pretty short. I realize it’s not sweet; but it is an important part of health.