November 2011

November 1, 2011 in 2011 by Mary Ireland

Hi everyone and welcome to Dr. Grandma’s Newsletter for November 2011. We are refocusing the newsletter on topics that we at Dr. Grandma’s are concerned about — health and nutrition. This newsletter contains:

  • Healthy Living
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Healthy Living

The Role of Vegetables in a Healthy Diet

I’m going to spring board into November’s newsletter from Friday’s blog, Yet Another Reason to Control Your Weight. The blog mentions the results of a study that found that dieting affects hormone levels, leaving dieters with a greater appetite and a slower metabolism. The key message is don’t put on the weight in the first place.

As you stare at Halloween candy – left over at work or brought home by your kids – know that vegetables can help you. Vegetables can:

  • Take the edge off of your hunger, helping you to avoid or at least slow down on sugary, salty, and/or fat-laden snacks.
  • Substitute for higher calorie foods. Non-starchy vegetables are usually low in calories; so using non-starchy vegetables with dips and spreads instead of crackers saves you calories. Eating vegetables instead of cheese reduces the calories and the amount of saturated fat you eat.
  • Provide fiber to help slow down the absorption of sugar, preventing your blood sugar levels from spiking and then crashing. Fiber also helps the digestive process enabling you to avoid bloating.
  • Provide macro- and micro-nutrients necessary for the optimum performance of your body.

November is the culmination of the harvest season capped by the Thanksgiving celebration. The time between Halloween and Thanksgiving is a great time to plan your strategy for not gaining weight during the holidays. You have the perfect amount of time – a little over three weeks – time to entrench new habits into your lifestyle.

Buy Some Today

Eating more vegetables is really an easy habit to incorporate – especially if you take a look at the Dr. Grandma’s recipe section. For breakfast try:

  • Fall Harvest Muffins. These muffins with grated zucchini are a great substitute for white-flour, oil and sugar-laden zucchini bread.
  • Reverse Omelets You can start your day a great variety of veggies – greens, broccoli, onions, tomatoes, pepper, etc. – by making a reverse omelet.
  • Apple Pie Oatmeal Pancakes, with Applesauce Topping These pancakes provide you with the nutrition from two whole grains, plus the great taste of nutritious apples.

You can combine Dr. Grandma’s Wheat Berries with vegetables to create satisfying meals. The following recipes are among the favorites on our site:

Several of my favorite Dr. Grandma’s recipes that feature some of late fall’s premier vegetables are:

Try Delight!

These recipes add Dr. Grandma’s Delight to vegetables to make them more interesting:

With Dr. Grandma’s recipes and products, you don’t have to sacrifice great taste for great nutrition. Dr. Grandma believes that Good Health Can Be Yummy and she proves it everyday.

Links of Interest

Did you miss any of these articles? These were some of the most popular blog posts and the most fun to write:

  • Needed: Much More than a Name Change — in this October 4th post, Dr. Grandma shares a few of observations made at the annual Food and Nutrition Conference & Expo (FNCE) in San Diego (September 24-27, 2011)
  • Working Together — this October 7th blog Mary Ireland discusses new mentoring programs that are helping to distribute nutritional information and provide one-on-one assistance to help those most at risk for obesity to live healthier lifestyles.
  • What’s the Big Deal About a Little Lentil? — in this October 11th post Dr. Grandma shares a lot of information about legumes.
  • Porking Out — in this October 14th post Mary Ireland discusses the trend of adding pork to desserts and other sweet foods.
  • Someone with Courage on Our Side — in this October 18th post, Dr. Grandma discusses the importance of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

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