Baking at Too High a Temperature

August 2, 2010 in Cooking Tips by Joyce Bunderson

One of the things that I like about Dr. Grandma’s Muffins Your Way Mix is that it gives me the ability to make something that is not only nutritious, but looks and tastes like I spent lots of time – telling my love, ‘I care so much for you, that I made this special breakfast’ (or dessert). I truly do care; but usually my time is really crunched Using the muffin mix, I can make a treat in minutes without getting all the measuring things and ingredients out.

Yesterday I made the Fruity Whole Grain Good Morning for Dr. Grandpa. Just so you know -- mistakes happen to all of us. Yes, even if it’s easy. I am so used to using the Dr. Grandma's Whole Wheat Muffins Your Way packets, that I think that I don’t need the directions. Which is, of course, where the trouble came in. It was still delicious, but some of the topping got a little blackened – I called it Cajun Breakfast Cake; see picture below. Be sure to bake it at 325°F, I baked at the proper temperature for the muffins – 400° F. Oooops! The first thing I noticed was a smoky kitchen. Again, Oooops!

I’m glad that I didn’t waste it by making the entire cake Cajun. ☺ I caught it just in time. It needs the lower temperature to get done on the inside and not blackened on the top.

If this ever happens to you, and I hope not, there are a couple of things that you can do.

  1. If your cake batter is done, just pluck off the few blackened rolled oats. I did not do that, as you can see.
  2. If your cake batter (the bottom part) is not completely done (the batter still is gooey and stuck to your knife), you can put a little foil on the top (to prevent further browning (blackening) lower the oven temperature to 325° F, if you have not already done that, and bake until the knife comes out clean.
  3. Another way of managing it is to cut the piece and put it into the microwave until the batter is set, about a minute or two depending on the size of the piece of breakfast cake.
Fruity Whole Grain Good Morning

Fruity Whole Grain Good Morning