Introduction to The Foodland Chronicles

October 16, 2009 in Diabetes, Foodland Chronicles, Mediterranean, Nutrition by Joyce Bunderson

I’ve been promising to start this blog for quite a long time, so this afternoon I’m finally putting pen to paper (O.K. fingers to keyboard).  I’m thinking that I should make a little introduction to my vision of this blog. In so doing I will try do answer the questions “What are the Foodland Chronicles?” “Why should you care?””How can the Foodland Chronicles help you?”and other introductory matters.

What are the Foodland Chronicles?

Are you wondering about the title of the blog? These are live chronicles, written by two of us, Doctor Grandma and Doctor Grandpa.  We comment on current events and insights related to foods within the context of healthy and smart living. We will provide some longer history of particular foods where it is amazing, interesting, and little known. What do we mean by ‘Foodland’? We live in a land of plenty, in case you didn’t notice. There are plenty of options of things to put into our tummies; some real food, good and nourishing, and some food-like substances.

It’s really challenging to give nutrition advice that will really help people make the journey through the vast Disneyland of available choices; with Fantasy lands at every grocery store, restaurant and fast food stop, the farmer’s market, the gas station, your office mate’s desk and the break room shelf, the convenience store, Aunt Martha’s table, Walmart’s checkout register, and the supply in the car or desk drawer. The ranges of choices within these venues are equally daunting. The point is that we can’t make an easy decision; “I want to eat a healthier diet and feel better.” in one easy step.  It’s not at all simple, but the fact is that you can do it. My goal is to help you make your journey to a healthier you, a better nourished you, as easy as possible using what I’ve learned in my journey.

I’ve been in Foodland quite a long time. Actually, I grew up in the American Foodland. Although most of the food that I ate as a girl did not come in a box, wrapper or can; I did eat a diet extremely high in animal protein. It seems very likely to me that the dear grandparents who raised me died earlier than necessary because of all that meat. My grandfather was the son of generations of butchers. During my growing-up life there was never a shortage of meat. I remember huge stacks of chops on the dinner table; you could eat however much you desired. I had no idea during those childhood years that it may not have been healthy. After marriage I lived through a time that included serving mac and cheese from a box along with cut up hotdogs to my growing children. It’s true that it wasn’t served everyday, but it was served more often than might have been prudent. There’ve been many changes since those days; changes that have included designing menu plans that would preserve my love’s health (after he was diagnosed with diabetes in 2004).

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