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Issue of Sustainability Much Bigger than Supposed

February 27, 2018 by Joyce Bunderson

I listened to a presentation by Danielle Nierenberg, the founder of FoodTank (like ThinkTank for food) and Chris Vogliano, a Registered Dietitian and doctoral student from New Zealand. I feel that I’m moderately informed about sustainable agriculture, by which I mean the production of food, fiber, or animal products using farming techniques that protect the […]

Recommending Pizza – Really?

February 20, 2018 by Joyce Bunderson

I must admit; I’m a sucker for clever headlines and cleverly written articles. But since I’m in the admitting mood; I must also admit that sometimes what someone else thinks is so clever is just down right annoying for me. Case in point headline: “PIZZA FOR BREAKFAST IS HEALTHIER THAN CEREAL, SAYS DIETITIAN – FINALLY.” […]

Learning Persistence on Process from Olympians

February 13, 2018 by Joyce Bunderson

We’ve been enjoying the 2018 Winter Olympics in Korea; I must confess/brag that our interest is heightened this year because our grandson Brendan (Bubba) Connor Newby is skiing in the half pipe for Ireland where he was born. Watching the Olympics makes us ask lots of questions. How do you steer the sled in the […]

An Eating Style that Is Staying in Fashion

January 23, 2018 by Joyce Bunderson

Yesterday, while enjoying lunch, I was having a conversation with Vic (Dr. Grandpa). We were discussing the fact that I don’t really have time to keep up on the constantly evolving array of diets. I remember back in the 1990’s when I first realized that we could decrease risk for cardiovascular disease by eating a […]

Don’t Blame Gluten – It May be Fructan

December 26, 2017 by Joyce Bunderson

About 1 in 100 people have the inherited autoimmune disease – celiac that causes damage to the small intestine when gluten is ingested. Another .4 percent of people have a doctor-diagnosed wheat allergy. Beyond this number there is a large group of people who have what is called “non-celiac gluten sensitivity.” This large group of […]

Substitutions and Wild Creativity

November 14, 2017 by Joyce Bunderson

Today, a granddaughter and a few of her friends are coming over for a little cooking lesson. I’m going to involve them in three recipes; a stir-fry (same technique used to make fajitas); minestrone soup; and a super easy soup. I chose the recipes; recipes that will help them learn techniques that can be used […]

Avoiding Flaky Research

October 3, 2017 by Joyce Bunderson

One thing that is challenging for me in my role as a public health nutritionist, is that people fairly frequently, say something strange and when I ask about it their response, is in essence, “It’s real; I read a study.” Trying to weed out studies that you should believe and those that may be flaky […]

All Carbohydrates Are Not Created Equal

September 12, 2017 by Joyce Bunderson

Each year, the American Heart Association and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Institutes of Health, and other government agencies, publish a document related to heart disease and stroke; you can find many fascinating facts in the document published in Circulation. Dr. Darish Mozaffarian, from Tufts University (previously from Harvard) is one […]

Creativity in the Kitchen

August 8, 2017 by Joyce Bunderson

Let’s imagine that you have not been gifted with music talents; nor do you write books; and on top of that you can’t draw worth beans. Maybe you have a gift for creativity in the kitchen; this gift can be a main ingredient in healthy, tasty dishes. You may be able to make recipes that […]

Alluring Vegetables

July 11, 2017 by Joyce Bunderson

A team of Stanford researchers did a fun, but telling experiment in their university cafeteria. They tried different labels on veggies and tracked how it impacted selection. One of the most important outcomes was a surprise to me. People seem to think the healthier options are less tasty. Obviously, they have not adopted the Dr. […]