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Preventing Strokes, Dementia and Alzheimer’s

November 6, 2012 by Joyce Bunderson

The cover story of the November 2012 issue of the Nutrition Action Healthletter (NAH) by the Center for Science and the Public Interest is devoted to protecting your brain from stroke. It’s a comprehensive (six and a half pages long) yet condensed collection of information about signs and prevention of stroke (essentially a heart attack […]

Worrywarts and Fretters

September 4, 2012 by Joyce Bunderson

I frequently complain about not being able to remember anything; which is why I have to make big long lists of all the things I need to do. Over the years, I’ve chalked up events where I forget something to having too many things to remember.  It frequently seems like I’m a juggler with too […]

Alarmed over All the Sugar Toxicity Chat?

April 17, 2012 by Joyce Bunderson

Much of the recent ‘sugar toxicity chat’ started with an April 1, 2012, 60 Minutes report. Did you miss the 60 Minutes, CBS report, “Is Sugar Toxic?” with Dr. Sanjay Gupta? It’s not too late; you can see the video or read about it.

Casting Fish for Weekly Plate Space

March 6, 2012 by Joyce Bunderson

My grandmother always said: “fish is brain food.” I’m puzzled where that idea came from. She never went to high school; where did that ‘old wives tale’ (tall fish tale) come from? I worry that you may think that I’ve been lured, hook, line and sinker by my grandmother’s concept, but it appears all these […]

Detoxing from Sugar?

January 31, 2012 by Joyce Bunderson

Why are so many people trying to detox from sugar? People are finally discovering that the average American consumes at least 19 teaspoons a day of added sugar. “Added sugars”, unlike the natural sugars in fruits, vegetables, milk, and meats are added to foods to increase the sweetness. Each teaspoon (4 grams) of sugar has […]

Enjoying a Splurge

July 15, 2011 by Mary Ireland

Well thank goodness that after Dr. Grandma spilled the beans on my brownie binge at a July 4th party, Michelle Obama had a burger, fries AND chocolate milk shake at a burger shack this week. This takes some of the pressure off of me, because I only had a few brownies too many. Both examples […]

Hook Some Healthy Fish on a Budget

April 12, 2011 by Joyce Bunderson

Dr. Grandma encourages eating fish and discusses issues of mercury, fish as related to the food budget and fish and AMD. In addition, she shares a healthy recipe that she developed to replace traditional tuna noodle casserole.

Food and Addiction

April 8, 2011 by Mary Ireland

Mary Ireland discusses new research on similarities between food addiction and drug addiction. She also provides a recipe for Papaya Cilantro Salad Dressing.

An Ounce of Prevention

April 1, 2011 by Mary Ireland

Mary Ireland discusses recent Alzheimer Disease research and shares a quick curry recipe.

Deceitful, Despicable and Disgusting

February 25, 2011 by Mary Ireland

I thought I’d play on the alliteration of Dr. Grandma’s last blog, Feet, Forks and Fat — Protecting Our Children to express my reaction to the information in Killer at Large: Why Obesity Is America’s Greatest Threat. There is a lot of great information in this documentary and it leads me to consider the actions […]