Snacks Can Be Healthy

February 3, 2010 in Blog Recipes, Cooking & Baking Hints, Diabetic Menu Item, Mediterranean, Nutrition, Uncategorized, Weight Management, Whole Grains by Joyce Bunderson

Super Bowl Sunday is almost here (February 7th). Can you feel the crunch in your mouth and the salt, fat and sugar coating your palate? This is the snack food mandate of the year. The Super Bowl traditionally enters arm in arm with a selection of fatty, salty junk foods.

Parties, gatherings or seeming mandates to serve snacks often seem to command fatty, salty, junk foods and food-like substances. These items, disguised as real foods, fill the snack table that replaces meals. Consider some of the ideas below to notch up your snack table buffet. Snack season begins with Super Bowl Sunday, February 7th. On the heels of the Super Bowl (five days later) the Winter Olympics, in Vancouver start. Is this another opportunity to gather each night to watch the TV and eat some snacks?

Snacks do not have to be unhealthy, sugar, fat and salt laden junk food – but let’s face it, they can be. So I thought that I would share some ideas to notch up your snack table – keeping all the snackers with the munchies happy – so what if you’re keeping them a little healthier at the same time. If the snacks taste good, that’s what will be most important to the nibblers. Try that concept out with my Antipasto Tray.

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Many people want to eat healthy, but don't know where to begin. My recommendation is to
Start in the Pantry