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Meeting Foodland Challenges for Young Families

April 21, 2010 by Joyce Bunderson

Dr. Grandma shares hints to help families with young children move away from processes, nutritionally impoverished foods. In addition she shares three recipes that young children might enjoy.

Full Food Cost Accounting: Part 2. Designing Foods for Craving

April 16, 2010 by Victor Bunderson

Dr. Grandpa discusses ‘Designing Foods for Craving’ in the second part of a series about the real full cost of subsidized commodities that end up as processed and junk food. Dr. Grandma shares a recipe for Exotic papaya and Wheat Berries.

Ordinary Veggies Can Facilitate Weight Loss

April 5, 2010 by Joyce Bunderson

Dr. Grandma share an eating style that works for her – and a recipe for Bok choy and Swiss Chard Stir Fry.

Youth, You Are What You Eat

March 10, 2010 by Joyce Bunderson

Is there anything that we can do to help our young people (teens and young adults) eat healthy whole foods? This is definitely one of those sorts of problems like leading the horse to the water, but not being able to make it drink.. I think the only rational option for parents, other relatives and […]

Have Your Cake and Eat It Too!

March 3, 2010 by Joyce Bunderson

Dr. Grandma shares information and ideas for practical ways to reduce intake of empty-calorie sugars. Included are recipes for whole wheat shortcake and fruit desserts.

The Best Antioxidants Don’t Come in a Pill

February 26, 2010 by Joyce Bunderson

Dr. Grandma shares a rationale for eating a Mediterranean-style diet to get healthy antioxidants (and lots more). In addition, she shares a recipe for roasted root vegetables and some root vegetable identification pictures.

Yumminess — Challenging Hedonistic Foodland

February 1, 2010 by Victor Bunderson

Dr. Grandpa, who’s Ph.D. is in psychology, tells us a bit about hedonics and the hyperpalatability of American Industrial food as compared with yummy real whole, non-processed foods.

A Thousand Mile Journey Begins with a Single Step

January 19, 2010 by Joyce Bunderson

Dr. Grandma discusses the concept of taking a step at a time and shares a Mediterranean recipe – Roasted Red Pepper Hummus.

Hire Pancakes for the Morning Drive

November 20, 2009 by Victor Bunderson

When we have a particular job to get done repeatedly, we look around to “hire” a product or service to help us do that job better. Pancakes for the boring morning commute rise to the top of the chart.

Thoughts on the Psychology of Eating Salads

November 16, 2009 by Victor Bunderson

Dr. Grandpa asserts that tastes can evolve, palettes can become more sensitive when refined foods and sugars are replaced with healthier alternatives. He advises taking stock of ones ingrained eating habits and consciously developing new patterns that include downright enjoyment of attractive and yummy kinds of salads.