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What Brings Morning Smiles Better Than Pancakes?

November 18, 2009 by Joyce Bunderson

Dr. Grandma explains how her whole-wheat pancakes differ from refined-flour and novelty mixes. She illustrates steps in preparing them.

Simple Additions Yield a Yummy Start

November 17, 2009 by Joyce Bunderson

Really simple additions can make ‘every day foods’ tastier and more nourishing.

A Gift of Support

November 16, 2009 by Joyce Bunderson

Remember my People Eat Food – Not Nutrients! blog last week? The Tufts University Health & Nutrition Letter has given me such a great example of the message I was trying to share. That is: It has seemed to me for decades that the research on diet and nutrition for a large variety of diseases ‘boils down’ to the same advice. In short that advice is covered by a Mediterranean-style of eating. It means that we don’t generally need to worry about this nutrient and that nutrient; just eat a variety of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, legumes and nuts – and don’t eat too much meat, fatty dairy, simple sugars and salt.

Controlling Your Home Environment – Supports Healthy Weight

November 13, 2009 by Joyce Bunderson

Decades later, I have validation that your home environment can be a significant support to weight maintenance – strengthening your ‘won’t power.’

Beyond Holiday Gift Shopping – A Salad to the Rescue

November 12, 2009 by Joyce Bunderson

Salads can be a way of deficit eating, in preparation for the coming holiday eating events.

Fat Choices Can Make a Difference – A Big Fat Difference

November 10, 2009 by Joyce Bunderson

Moving away from butter, cheese, and meat, and toward the Mediterranean’s monounsaturates; avocado, nuts, olives, legumes, and extra virgin olive oil may decrease your risk of diabetes and heart disease.

Comedian Fodder

November 9, 2009 by Joyce Bunderson

Oh My Goodness – Sometimes I think the news about food processors is fodder for comedians; and this is such a great example that I couldn’t let it pass without a comment.

Should we all pay attention to the research related to diabetes?

November 7, 2009 by Joyce Bunderson

Research continues to lead us to the Mediterranean and away from diabetes. This post includes a simple nutritious meatless meal.

More Encouragement for an American-Mediterranean Diet

November 6, 2009 by Joyce Bunderson

More research and encouragement for American-Mediterranean Diet, plus a couple of recipes.

People Eat Food – Not Nutrients!

November 5, 2009 by Joyce Bunderson

Why spend on exotic berry juice extracts like Acai? Just use blueberries, raspberries, strawberries. This post examines the idea that specific isolated nutrients or exotic plant extracts sold in costly supplements are as good as whole foods.