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A Lesson from Teenagers

January 10, 2012 by Joyce Bunderson

One day during the holidays, I was on my treadmill reading an article; when all of a sudden a sentence caught my attention. The sentence was in the article, Masters of Persuasion, by David Yeager, published in Today’s Dietitian. It is available online for free, if you decide you want to read the entire piece.

Willpower or Environmental Power?

December 6, 2011 by Joyce Bunderson

Every so often an article arrives at a new perspective that has the potential to influence us to reshape our thinking about a subject – maybe even influence our behavior. Today I’ve read and thought about just such an article; titled: Free will and the obesity epidemic, which was published in Public Health Nutrition on […]

Cosmetically “Fixing” Impoverished Foods by Adding Supplements

November 1, 2011 by Joyce Bunderson

Eating real, whole foods is not the habit of many Americans; and making the change to real whole foods, is not happening rapidly. Let’s just face the facts – changing our habits is not so easy. This is in the face of the fact that extensive research has left us little to no question that […]

Porking Out

October 14, 2011 by Mary Ireland

The article begins: “You’ve had bacon with eggs, bacon cheeseburgers and even bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches. But how about bacon dessert?” Then they must have read my mind, because the next sentence is, “Don’t look so disgusted.” Apparently bacon is a hot new item in doughnuts, cookies and even chocolate bars. A top seller […]

Working Together

October 7, 2011 by Mary Ireland

Mary Ireland talks about new mentor programs that are helping to distribute nutritional information and provide one-on-one assistance to help those most at risk for obesity to live healthier lifestyles.

Pesky Pests and the Havoc They Wreak

August 19, 2011 by Mary Ireland

Mary Ireland talks about pesticides and produce.

Reflections on Earth Day

April 22, 2011 by Mary Ireland

The Industrial Revolution moved our culture from farming to mechanization. One of the results is that we have become disconnected from nature. Farmers want rain, knowing that it is necessary for them to grow their crops. The rest of us sort of view it as a nuisance that will ruin our car wash or make […]

Consumers Get Confused – Ya Think?

January 26, 2011 by Joyce Bunderson

Dr. Grandma discusses the confusion caused by cereal processors and gives some hints of how to avoid impoverished grain products.

Watching Out for the Flim-Flam Vitamin Salesman

November 17, 2010 by Joyce Bunderson

Dr. Grandma discusses how we got into the supplement mindset and what is leading us away from it.

Wishful Thinking in Dietary Choices

November 5, 2010 by Joyce Bunderson

Dr. Grandma discusses some difficulties of eating a healthy diet. In addition, she shares a recipe for Savory Squash and Wheat Berries.